2016-07-15_janisol-arteUAB Fasadus, in cooperation with Schuco International, began to use Janisol Arte steel profiles for products subject to exceptional requirements.

Janisol Arte is a special Schüco Jansen steel profile system for specific reconstruction in remodelled Bauhaus-style architectural structures. Bauhaus is the modern style of architecture and design that was popular in Germany in 1919-1933. Janisol Arte profiles are ideal for the renovation of the Bauhaus-style buildings created in the inter-war period, adaptation of industrial buildings and production workshop for residential purposes, reconstruction lofts and loft installation. Extremely narrow Janisol Arte black steel profiles allow to restore the authentic Bauhaus style elements; both inward and outward opening windows perfectly fit in these complex modernist architectural style building ensembles developed in the last century.

UAB Fasadus, using highly durable Janisol Arte black steel profiles, has made the first large size Bauhaus-style windows. New products are successfully installed in the 4-storey building built during the inter-war period, located in the London Old Town, UK.