With the approaching most beautiful celebration of the year, Fasadus UAB has decided to donate support to large Lithuanian families.

In cooperation with the NGO Save the Children, the company’s representatives visited two families who live in the Lithuanian homesteads located most remotely from the major Lithuanian cities. In Širvintos district the company team visited a beautiful family raising six boys and one girl. In Panevėžys district Fasadus UAB had a wonderful time in a foster family raising sixteen children of different age. The family parents are proud not only of more than thirty chilled that they have raised, and who already have their own families and live in various cities of Lithuania, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Spain. The former foster children of the family return to their childhood home during the most beautiful holidays of the year, to visit their parents who raised them. For the majority of foster children it is the only home where they can return.

Fasadus UAB brought to the families the most necessary bathroom and kitchen household appliances, a stock of foods with long best before date, and treated children with sweets, toys and other gifts. The company employees were highly impressed by the visit to wonderful families, and inspired for new challenges.