Schüco Window AWS 65

The basic series with comprehensive range to enhance design ideas.

Features and benefits

•   Improved thermal insulation with a basic depth of 65 mm: Uf values of 2.2 W/m²K (face width 117 mm)
•   Wide selection of profiles including the design systems: Schüco Window AWS 65 RL, Schüco Window AWS 65 SL and Schüco Window AWS 65 MC (multi-contour)
•   Matches the Schüco ADS and ADS HD door range
•   Also, for the Italian window market, there are the design systems Schüco Window AWS 65 RD (Residential Design) and Schüco AWS 65 SD (Soft Design)
•   Available as flush-fitted or outward-opening vent

Window Schüco AWS 65 BS

The ideal solution for block window constructions with a basic depth of 65 mm.

Features and benefits

•   Good thermal insulation with a basic depth of 65 mm: Uf values of 2.2 W/m²K (face width 89 mm)
•   Very narrow face widths from 67 mm due to concealed glazing beads
•   Comprehensive profi le range with mullion face widths of up to 44 mm, double vents and sash bars

Window Schüco AWS 50.NI

Non-insulated window system with 50 mm basic depth for interiors.

Features and benefits

•   The appearance of the buildingis consistent inside and outside, as the face widths are identical with those of the thermally insulated window systems
•   Solutions for outward-opening vents or horizontal/vertical pivot windows
•   Also available as flush-fitted vent
•   Very narrow face widths from 74 mm
•   Glazing thicknesses of 4 – 42 mm can be used
•   Vent weight up to 160 kg

Facade Schüco FW 50+ SI

With innovative isolator technology, the newly developed SI solution (Super Insulation) for the FW 50+ system is a leap into the next generation of
thermally insulated façade systems. The usual convenience in planning, fabricating and installing the tried and tested systems remains unaffected. There are almostt no limits to creativity.

Features and benefits

•   Optimisation of thermal insulation due to the new isolator concept with Uf values of up to 0.8 W/m²K including screw influence
•   Reflective surfaces on the insulating tape, the aluminium pressure plate and on the plastic pressure plate reduce energy losses through thermal radiation
•   Possible to support large glass loads of up to 400 kg per transom for FW 50+ and 600 kg for FW 60+
•   Triple glazing with up to 64 mm glass thickness possible due to the new glazing support
•   Due to its shape, the new isolator ensures the screw guide is secure in the screw port, even for large glass thicknesses

•   Integration of the SI components in the FW 50+ system with full compatibility to all existing system articles
•   System solution for façade integrated photovoltaics ensures a secure and economical fabrication process for synergy façades
•   Compliance with the requirements of ENEV 2009 for standard façade constructions with double glazing
•   High energy-saving potential for the investor due to the high savings in weight and therefore material compared to triple glazing
•   A variety of products with different profile depths and a comprehensive range of cover caps to meet any architectural and construction requirement

Facade Schüco FW 50+

The tried-and-tested FW 50+ and FW 60+ systems allow façades and skylights of very varied design to be constructed efficiently and reliably. Their
compatibility with many other Schüco systems make FW 50+ and FW 60+ two of the bestselling façade systems in Europe.

Features and benefits

•   From SI façades with maximum thermal insulation through to standard thermal insulation, the FW 50+ and FW 60+ systems offer the right solution for every scenario and all climate regions
•   A large range of cover caps offers outstanding design variety for the most varied of façade styles
•   Bullet resistance, burglar resistance and blast resistance options
•   Can also be used as a fire-resistant façade (.BF)
•   Electrical cables are concealed within the façade system, but can be accessed for inspection